It’s been a busy 12 hours. And it all revolves around this cute guy.

Doesn't he just melt your heart?

Doesn't he just melt your heart?

He’s my sister-in-law’s dog. She bought him with her boyfriend at the time. Despite being together for several years, the relationship didn’t last in the end. My SIL left the country, her ex got custody of the dog. All was fine until he couldn’t keep the dog at his house, so his mum looked after the dog while a new owner was found. We said yes, but only as a last resort. We don’t have a gate down the side of our house and a dog could escape, he’s a medium sized but very active dog and we both are away at work from 8-6 each day. And we’re in a different state and dog + 8 hour car trip + leather car seats = …. well I don’t even want to think about it. We were hoping someone else could take him, or that we’d be able to least get the gate up.

Then last night Lawyer got an email from her sister saying that her ex needed someone to take him by Friday or he’s going to be put down. I’m not sure what the animal shelter places are like in the town they live in, but it seemed that having him put down seemed to be the easier option. For no other reason than he was an inconvenience.

Lawyer spent the evening frantically emailing everyone she knew who still lived back in her home town, and then everyone who had moved to the nearest capital city, and then a midnight phone call to her sister’s ex to find out if he’d pay for transport via plane to our city, or if he could wait until saturday so we could make a ‘quick’ journey over to pick him up… we’d worry about the securing him in our yard when we got him home. It was very frantic.

We went to bed realising that everyone else was asleep and wouldn’t be reading emails until the morning. Lawyer didn’t sleep well last night, and woke up looking stressed. My morning coffee was drunk over discussions of how to get the dog to our place, and my sweetie so desperate as to suggest she would drive the 8 hours by herself back to her hometown, get the dog and drive back. I’d already promised my parents that I’d look after their cat while they were away for the weekend, so I was tied to staying home.

On the bus trip in tow ork we planned our attack, and our list of demands and compromises. The ex pays the full price to have the dog sent over, if he baulks at that we make him pay half, if he won’t drive the dog to the airport, we ask Lawyer’s parents to do it, if no one can take him to the airport and we have to pay, then Lawyer would ask her friends to accompany her on a road trip to get him. When I got to work I was to call the airlines to get quotes, she was to call the ex and get some proper answers rather than a text message.

I get to work to find the phones ringing non-stop as our intranet had died overnight. Its not until mid-morning that people at work had finally read the email I hastily sent to say “it’s broken, we know, stop calling so we can fix it!” and I get to make my phone calls. Over $250 to get a dog sent unaccompanied from one city to another. I forward on the prices, and realise that the ex is never going to agree to pay those prices.

Phone rings. As I answer hear Lawyer’s voice, I see an email flash on my screen from her. She’s found someone to take him! A friend is able to take him for a month until we can take him, or she falls in love with him and keeps him. Either way, my loving wife has saved those beautiful brown eyes from death row. I think she has every right to be grinning.

I guess this weekend will now be spent rushing to get a gate installed!