Back form our honeymoon, and now with regular internet access again.

Travelling to New Zealand meant that we were able to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but we’re not able to do in Australia. Get legally married.
So we filled out the relevant paperwork and on our 2nd wedding anniversary, we had a legally recognised Civil Union at the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs registry office.

Lawyer, Geek and the celebrant

Lawyer, Geek and the celebrant

A friend from the GLBT-Knit list and one of the hosts at the B&B we stayed at were our witnesses, we spoke the same vows we did 2 years ago at our commitment ceremony, and exchanged the same rings. Didn’t make us fell any different afterwards, but its good to know that somewhere is the world we are recognised by the government that we are a couple, rather than two people who live together.

It felt so great to do, to speak those words to Lawyer again, and of course the gifts. No platters this time though. We got enough before!